Connie Francis – Remembering a Journey from Depths to Heights at 85

A Life of Hits, Heartbreaks, and Resilience at 85

Connie Francis, a former teen popstar from Newark, New Jersey, turned 85 but still looks glamorous. She became famous with the hit song “Who’s Sorry Now” in 1958. Despite facing tough times, she celebrated her 85th birthday with friends.

Connie, who is 1.56 meters tall, always wore false eyelashes and high heels. She achieved stardom with songs like “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool” and “Lipstick on Your Collar” in the 1960s.

Her love story with Bobby Darin, a teen idol, started when he showed her a song in 1956. Despite a rocky beginning, they fell deeply in love.

However, Connie’s father disapproved, even holding a gun to Darin, forcing him out of her life. Darin passed away at 37, leaving Connie heartbroken.

Connie, known for hits like “Where the Boys Are,” also tried acting but didn’t feel comfortable. She had four marriages and faced a traumatic incident in 1974. Afterward, she struggled with depression, dependency on drugs, and lost her singing voice for four years due to surgeries.

In 2017, she shared her life’s highs and lows in a tell-all book, “Among My Souvenirs.” She lost her partner of 18 years in 2022. Despite the hardships, she remains an advocate for mental health.

Connie wants to be remembered not just for her successes but for overcoming challenges. Now living in Florida, she recently celebrated her 85th birthday, still looking fabulous. She hopes her tombstone will read, “I hope I did okay.”

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