“Consequences Of “eternal youth”: The Ex-wife Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Changed Beyond Recognition – Now She Looks Like a Mummy!

It’s essential to embrace our age.

Maria Shriver, the ex-wife of Arnold Schwarzenegger, decided for cosmetic surgery and beauty injections to look young and attractive. But the procedures had devastating side effects, and the outcomes were not what she had hoped for.

Due to trust concerns and Arnold’s adultery, Maria and Arnold separated in 2011. Their housekeeper Mildred, with whom he had an affair, subsequently gave birth to his illegitimate child. Before she discovered the truth about the child’s father, Maria spent some time living with Mildred and her son.

Maria earned over $400 million from Arnold’s riches during their 10-year-long divorce, which was finally finalized. She insisted on more though, so they evenly split his pension savings as well.

Maria recently showed up at a public function, and it was obvious that she had undergone a number of treatments to seem more youthful. Despite her best attempts to disguise it, she still had age on her face and neck.

Maria’s experience teaches us that aging naturally may be preferable to attempting to delay it through cosmetic procedures.

It’s important to accept our age and take good care of ourselves.

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