“Couple’s Loving Adoption”: Three Brothers Find Forever Family Together

Lena and KC got married and wanted to start a family. They live in Massachusetts. They met a baby named Joey when he was 18 months old at an event run by Children’s Friend.

They saw Joey’s picture at the event and thought they could be good parents for him. So, they adopted him first when he was two years old. A year later, on November 23rd, they adopted his brothers, Logan who was 2 years old and Noah who was 1 year old.

Originally, they only planned to adopt Joey and Noah. But when they met them, Noah was 6 weeks old and they agreed to adopt him right away. Logan was living with another family, but when that didn’t work out, KC and Lena decided to adopt him too. They felt it was important for the brothers to stay together, and experts agreed.

KC is called Mama and Lena is called Mommy by the boys. Sometimes Joey calls them “Mommy-Mama” which is cute. At the adoption ceremony, the boys were given toy gavels to play with.

The family is excited to make new memories and see the boys grow up together. They’re looking forward to holidays, school, sports, and all the fun things they’ll do together.

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