“Crafting Profitable Comfort”: Transforming a Craigslist Shed into a Cozy Backyard Cottage

Following your dreams and making money from them is an amazing experience. It involves passion, determination, and fulfillment.

Front view of Daniel's tiny home, the result of his shed transformation project.

In San Antonio, Texas, a man named Daniel Salas transformed a small shed into his dream backyard home. Inspired by his travels with his wife, he found a storage shed on Craigslist and turned it into a cozy living space in just five months. Now, he rents it out for vacations starting at $74 per night.

The patio of Daniel's tiny house.

Daniel and his wife love to travel and stayed in a unique Airbnb made from an old barn. They enjoyed the intimacy of the small space, which inspired them to create something similar in their backyard.

Living rooom at Danie's tiny house.

The tiny home trend has become popular, offering more affordable housing options. In 2020, Daniel, with spare time due to the pandemic, decided to embark on this backyard shed transformation project.

activity area outisde the tiny house where guests can watch TV and cook.

After meticulous planning and rearranging his yard, he found a shed on Craigslist for a reasonable price of $2,500. The seller’s condition was that the shed must stay intact. Daniel agreed and got it for a discounted price of $1,200.

The path going to Daniel's tny house.

Transporting the shed to his home was a challenge, requiring additional arrangements. Daniel even had to surprise his wife by dismantling the backyard fence to make room for the shed.

THe tiny house's kitchennette with mini fridge, microwave, and sink.

With $25,000 saved by 2022, they began the transformation, handling tasks like plumbing, permits, and electricity. They enlisted the help of a contractor for renovations. The tiny home was completed by Christmas after an expansion for an additional bedroom.

The toilet inside the tiny house.

Initially planned for family visits, the budget expanded to about $40,000, prompting them to rent it out. Daniel furnished the property with a charming patio, barbecue pit, outdoor sink, TV, and string lights.

Daniel's tiny house beddroom with full bed.

Their luxurious restroom with anti-fog technology and LED lighting became a favorite spot. 

Tiny house's grilling area by the patio.

Privacy was a priority, so they added a separate entrance, gate, and path leading to the tiny home.

Tiny home's luxurious shower room.

Their shed transformation has become a popular vacation spot, bringing in extra income. 

Separate gate going to the tiny house.

Daniel enjoys it as a side hustle, meeting people from different places and using the extra money for savings and vacations.

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