Curious facts about cats that purr around

It would seem that cats have been living side by side with humans for decades. But do we know everything about the fuzzies that purr next to us? Today we have collected some facts that will remove the last veil of secrets.

Australia is considered the continent of cats because there are nine domestic cats for ten Australians.

Colors under the names “tortoiseshell” and “calico” belong only to cats.


The cat door was invented by Isaac Newton.

The cat’s ear rotates 180 degrees.

Cats sleep most of their lives, and a third of their wakefulness is spent washing.


The whiskers act as a size gauge, with their help the cat determines whether it will crawl through one or another slot.


Cats have more bones than humans. However, less muscle.

Half a billion cats – that’s how many live on our planet.


What facts about cats impress you the most?

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