Dоg hungry fоr аttentiоn wаgs tаil аt еvеry pаssеrby, hоping thеy’ll sеt him frее

Sweet pooch experienced freedom

Many dogs are adopted only to experience neglect from their owners later because people fail to realize that simply providing food and water for your pet is not sufficient.

Sadly, not every dog has the opportunity to experience that. Animals with colorful personalities need affection and attention.

They are bred to require lengthy walks and human interaction. For instance, Pip has the unfortunate circumstance of being the family dog in a household with little free time. He was kept in a kennel in the backyard ever since he was adopted, despite the fact that he yearned for a playmate so much.

Pip began to wag his tail joyfully when he noticed someone approaching, but his owners ignored him because they never patted or belly-rubbed him.

Fortunately, when PETA fieldworkers learned about Pip, everything changed. They were determined to free that poor creature from that way of life, and they succeeded in doing so.

As a result, our dear puppy finally received the pets he had long yearned for.

Sweet dog enjoyed freedom, and an exciting life awaited him. He was adopted by a new family a few days after being saved, and now he is the happiest dog there is.

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