Dad found an ingenious way to calm a 3-month-old baby. It’ll help millions!

Whether he is hungry, tired, pooped, or just wants to handle it, he lets out the most heartbreaking cry. This is the only way a baby can get attention, writes GodUpdates.

But sometimes dad or grandmother stays with the baby and tried everything – and the crying does not stop. And all because a small child needs only a mother.

This sweet little boy was only 3 months old when his mother needed to leave urgently. And the father had to look after the child. While mom was away, this little guy started to get nervous. A slight grunt quickly turned into a full scream. Dad tried all possible means – but the baby did not calm down.

It was then that he remembered a moment he had observed in another family. The baby screamed, and the other dad pulled one of his wife’s dirty T-shirts out of the laundry basket and gave it to the baby, which immediately calmed him.

The thing is that the clothes we wore retain our smell. And when a child smells the specific smell of his mother, it seems to him that she is near.

So this dad decided he would try. He pulled his wife’s shirt out of the basket and handed it to his boy. You just look at what happened.

Even before this dad even put a shirt on his boy, the kid smelled his mom.

Just look at this little man, who immediately fell silent and even smiled.

He squeezes her sweetly and buries his face in the comforting scent.

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