Dad made a bed for his son: Here’s what it looks like

Every parent wants their children to have all the best in the world

Instead of buying his son a new bed, this dad decided to build one with his own hands. The creative man framed the bed to look like a house.

After all, his son should have the best food, the most comfortable clothes, the latest toys and, of course, a cool bed. In order for a child to grow up healthy, he needs proper sleep. He is sure the baby will sleep more comfortably in such a bed.

At first, the man looked like a comfortable bed for his son at stores. However, he liked neither of the beds offered and decided to build one himself.

The man developed a plan, bought all the necessary tools and got down to the business.

He build the base out of timber. To make the bed look like a house, the dad added a roof to it. Then he covered the bottom, the side walls and the roof of the bed with flat boards. He painted the house-bed white.

The bed is almost ready. Add the mattress, the bedding, some pillows and it looks much better than all the beds in stores. Thanks to his dad’s efforts, his child can now not only sleep, but also play in his comfortable bed.

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