Desiree, who weighed 136 kg when she was 23 years old, is now a professional model

Desiree had struggled with childhood obesity. Because she was so obsessed with food, the girl was unable to lose weight. 

As a teenager, our heroine tried to diet, but she eventually gave up and became stressed. Desire weighed 138 kg at the age of 23! She agreed when her parents suggested she use a wheelchair because she was having difficulty moving. 

At the time, our heroine decided to have her stomach surgically reduced. Our heroine started a new life at that point. She changed her diet and started participating in more active sports. 

Finally, the extra pounds “left” at an alarming rate. Desire weighed 68 kg after two years! She acknowledges that she is still improving herself and that she is far from perfect. 

Our heroine was also successful in starting a modeling career. She shoots sportswear commercials and works with clients to help them achieve their ideal bodies.

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