Despite all the difficulties in his life, the deaf and blind dog has become a source of comfort for other animals in need

Despite everything Cherio has been through, his good nature remained unaffected.

The adorable puppy, in fact, did the exact opposite, becoming a comfort to other foster animals.

Cherio is well aware from personal experience of how unsettling moving into a new house might initially feel.

Even though he currently lives in a very loving environment, not everything in his life has been easy.

The problem is that he is partially blind in addition to being deaf, which made it challenging to find him a forever home.

He was able to reside in 11 foster homes and was even adopted four times, but he was returned each time.

Finally, he encountered Cheryl Smith, who was willing to embrace him for who he was.

Smith had other animals in need in addition to Sherio, but that didn’t stop her from adopting Sherio as well.

The adorable puppy was overjoyed to have found his ideal home at last.

He made the decision to aid other creatures in need at any cost after that day.

He manages to make kids feel cherished and protected.

He always gives them a kiss in an effort to provide them with comfort and calm.

He looks after those creatures so well since, after all, he has experienced it many times.

Smith recently brought home Tolly, a cute kitten.

The infant, who was unwell and malnourished, required immediate attention.

If Smith hadn’t intervened to save him, he would not have lived.

Naturally, Cherio took control once more while remaining at the kitten’s side.

The cat benefited from his kind attitude by gaining strength over time.

He was so happy that he even kissed him to show his appreciation because friendship and love are always valued.

Cherio excels in using his knowledge to benefit others. Each day, his love and goodness shine greater, enhancing the lives of everyone he encounters.

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