“Devine Beauty”: pictures of Celentano’s wife delighted netizens

She remained a very attractive, wise, kind and loving woman

The 20th century has given us people whose creativity is simply priceless and who have become real legends.

One of them is the unsurpassed Adriano Celentano. He has always been a charismatic and charming man.

The actor met his future wife back in 1963. Claudia Mori was only 19 years old then. The young beauty turned the 25-year-old actor’s head in a matter of seconds. For her sake, he even broke off relations with another beauty – M. Katu. He was head over heels in love with Claudia and was not going to give up.


The meeting of young and talented people took place on the set. A year later they got married.

One day Celentano decided to try himself as a director and took his wife to the main role. Unfortunately, the film did not gain much popularity. After that, Claudia began to seriously study singing. She also devoted her time raising her children.

After some more time, the couple began performing together and even won a competition in Sanremo.

Then Mori decided to act in films again and played with many famous actresses.

At the end of the last century, she began to run the family label “Clan Celentano”, and also actively engaged in the creation of her albums. Mori also managed to prove herself as a mentor in the famous show “X Factor”.

Let’s remember, that the famous couple lived together for almost 56 years. During this time, they went through a lot of things together, including her husband’s infidelity. Claudia has become a real support for Celentano. She always loved him and forgave him. She did everything for the sake of the family.


Today the artist is already 75 years old. Yes, over the years she lost her former beauty, but she remained a very attractive, wise, kind and loving woman.


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