Do you remember Robinson’s “Friday”? Look at how lovely Zeudi Araya, age 71, is right now!

Modern cinema may learn from the popularity of the Italian movie “Signor Robinson,” which was viewed by about 52 million people during the Soviet era. The attractive woman who was cast as “Friday” deserved special praise.

A young Ethiopian actress by the name of Zuedi Araya captivated everyone with her attractiveness. Our heroine’s uncle served as an ambassador in Italy, so it is not strange that she moved there to begin her acting career.

However, the young actress only received supporting roles because of the directors’ focus on her attractive features. We may claim that her performance as “Friday” ended up being both remarkable and the only one she will be remembered for. It is well known that Zuedi has grown as a vocalist.

The gorgeous woman quickly wed an affluent Italian producer who was 27 years her senior. The actress became a widow a short time afterward. The actress eventually wed the filmmaker M. Spano. The celebrity and this coupling gave birth to one son.

The woman is now 71 years old and yet has a youthful appearance. She continues to live an active lifestyle in addition to working as a producer.

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