Doctors noticed two orphaned kittens near the hospital

Two red orphaned kittens wandered around the hospital sewer, looking for food. It was sad to look at the thin, hungry kittens, and one of the doctors decided to help them.

A month ago, a doctor at Corpus Christi Hospital in Texas noticed two kittens near the building. They lived at the hospital sewer hatch, and the woman decided to help them. She contacted the rescuers from the animal shelter who came to collect the babies.

The kittens were about 10 weeks old and their mother was not around. They were very afraid of people – although the kittens were hungry, they did not dare to come close to people. The shelter staff quickly caught them and took them immediately to overexposure.

The red brothers were given the nicknames Red Ryder and Ralphie. They were very attached to each other, and were constantly together. The little ones were still afraid of people, but after a few days of socialization with their guardians,they began to gradually learn trust.

Over time, the kittens became more confident around people – they realized that no one would offend them here. After that, they turned into affectionate charms, and often lay next to their guardians, purring and asking for affection.

Now the brothers have fully blossomed, and have become real gentlemen. They are already looking for owners for them, and the guardian really hopes to give these kids together – they love each other so much! Thank good people for saving these brothers.

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