Dog overgrown with tangles turned into a handsome doggie thanks to volunteers (photos)

When the volunteers saw this creature overgrown with tangles, they did not immediately realize that it was a dog in front of them. All this time, this dog somehow lived on the street, while not seeing anything because of the huge tangles. Fortunately, he met caring people.

It was hard to recognize a dog in this tangled dog. All this time he lived on the street and even barely moved. One day, kind people met him and brought him to the Heart of LCAC animal rescue center in Clinton County in the USA.

“We were able to determine where his head was only after we heard his breathing. No eyes or nose were visible. I still don’t understand how he lived on the street all this time,” says the shelter employee.

Employees began processing the dog’s hair, and after a difficult procedure, they removed as many as 7 kilograms of wool and tangles from him. They determined that the dog had been kept in a cage for several years and had not been cared for.

After the procedure, the dog finally became like a dog. He was very grateful to the rescuers for their help and beamed with happiness – probably for the first time looking around without tangles before his eyes.

Rescuers named the dog Pat and determined that he was nine years old and a Cocker Spaniel mix. After the haircut, Pat was full of energy. The dog began to actively play, run, enjoy life. He was glad to be a normal dog again!

Now Pat is being cared for by a shelter where he is being restored to health. After that, permanent owners will be found for this wonderful boy.

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