Dog rejected for more than a year jumps with happiness to learn that she will be adopted (video)

The video shows him reacting out of control.

A dog that had been turned down for adoption for a year eventually got a loving home and leaped with excitement upon hearing the news. The footage of the moment the dog, named Liza, learned the good news was published by the animal rescue group that had been caring for her.

Liza may be seen in the video sitting in a cage and seeming dejected and forlorn. However, the dog starts to jump for joy and wag her tail with excitement when a staff member from the rescue organization approaches her and informs her that she has been adopted.

After being rescued from the streets, the dog had been residing at the rescue group for a year. She was a really loving and gentle dog, but nobody wanted to adopt her since she had a skin condition that was persistent. But ultimately a family of hers decided to adopt her and fell in love with her.

She has gotten a lot of supportive and adoring reactions since the rescue group posted the adoption video on social media. A lot of people have complimented the rescue group’s efforts and expressed their happiness for Liza and her new home.

This movie highlights the value of animal rescue groups’ efforts and the necessity of adopting animals in need of a loving home. If given the chance, even animals with health issues or behavioral issues may make devoted lifelong friends. Liza’s joy and affection in the video demonstrate what thankful animals can be when given a second opportunity.

Check out the video here.

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