Dog Working At Laundromat Takes Naps Instead Of Working

You will be met by an 8-year-old golden retriever that shuts the laundry every day with his father if you ever go to the Laundry on Larkin Street.

However, we may claim that Coby the dog isn’t the best worker. Coby snoozes while his owner cleans the area.
Coby enjoys simply relaxing and observing visitors.
His father remarked, “I attempted to have him merely sit in one of the chairs, but he managed to climb on the washer.”
People frequently visit the laundry just to see Coby because of how well-known he has become.

And since Coby loves attention and appreciates it when others give it to him, everything turns out for the best.
He monitors everyone while perched on the washing machine.

When it happens, “he definitely feels like he’s on top of the world,” according to his owner. He feels like a king while he sits up there.
Since he is there to perform his duties, he resists letting all the renown cloud his judgment.

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