“Dresses Her Son Like a Girl!”: Theron Raises Her Heir as a Girl, and This Is How She Responds to the Criticism

The boy appeared again in a dress and raised questions! 👨‍🦰+🥻 People criticize the actress for raising her son like a girl! 🤒😤 She openly discusses the reason why she does this! 🧐😮 For details – see the article! 👇

In addition to her successful acting career, the life of Ch. Theron is no less exciting and fascinating. For those who don’t know: In 2012, she adopted her son Jackson and then welcomed her daughter Augustus. Soon after, her relationship with S. Penn ended.

Most of the time, Theron keeps her children out of the limelight to protect their privacy and allow them to enjoy their carefree childhood years without constant paparazzi eyes and rumors. However, the actress pursues a unique parenting approach that is far from approved by everyone.

The fact that she dresses her son like a girl raises some questions. People accuse her of imposing Jackson’s identity and forcing him to do unwanted things. However, the actress explains the situation differently.

Theron admits that her son realized she was a girl in the first years of his life, and the actress decided to support him and let him express himself. She chose to stand up for her child at all costs. Thousands of people still sharply criticize the actress and express disbelief in her words.

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