Due to a “monster” on her bed, this dog freaks out in the middle of the night

Little Nova is prepared to defend his family from her made-up “monsters” as well. 

She barked loudly and woke up the entire household a few weeks ago when she spotted an unexpected monster in her bed. 

Her owner claimed that they could hear her barking loudly at night. They looked at the camera mounted over her head and saw him circle an object as he was looking at it. 

They immediately imagined a snake. They hurried to save the puppy, but it turned out the monster was nothing more than a ball of yarn. During the day, she removed it from her blanket, leaving it on the floor.

She became so bold in the presence of her owner that she even attempted to assault the intruder. 

She couldn’t relax until they removed the “intruder,” even though the light was on. 

They all slept soundly after the problem was resolved since they had a defender who wouldn’t hesitate in a dangerous situation.

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