Due to his glum “look,” the dwarf cat has gained Internet fame.

A worthy successor that would ease fans’ anguish has surfaced on the Internet three years after the passing of the legendary Grumpy Cat. 

In Tennessee, United States, Widget is a grouchy kitten who lives with his owner. The cat has dwarfism as a result of a genetic abnormality that was present from birth. 

He was a kitten when his future owner Michelle Roberts discovered him in the Tennessee shelter with his brothers and sisters. 

As soon as she caught a glimpse of Widget’s unhappy face, she fell in love. Widget is noticeably smaller than his siblings and sisters at first appearance.

He didn’t grow very quickly and weighed less than other cats, according to Michelle, but she liked him right away. 

She quickly made the decision to formally adopt him because she had prior experience caring for animals with specific needs. 

Now that the cat is an adult, its weight is just 3 kg. 

Despite his disease and occasionally unpredictable behavior, he gets along well with the other animals and leads a happy life as a pet.

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