Eric Clapton’s Love Letters to Pattie Boyd in George Harrison Love Triangle Set for Auction: ‘My Love Is Yours’

Love letters between Eric Clapton and Pattie Boyd from when they were involved in a love triangle with George Harrison of The Beatles will be sold soon.

Christie’s is auctioning two letters written by Clapton to Boyd, giving us a glimpse into their early romance.

In one letter from 1970, Clapton asks Boyd if she still loves her husband and wants to know her feelings for him.

He asks her to reply by letter instead of calling, to keep things private and signs off, hoping for her response. In the second letter, Clapton, referring to Boyd as Layla, asks for clarity on their relationship, mentioning his song “Layla” inspired by her. Boyd met Harrison in 1964, got married in 1966, but faced issues in their marriage. She noticed Clapton during this time.

Clapton wrote many love letters to Boyd, and eventually, she left Harrison for him in 1974, marrying him later in 1979. They remained friends with Harrison until his death in 2001.

Boyd initially thought the letters were from a fan, even showing them to Harrison. She kept them and brought them out while writing her autobiography.

The auction includes photos of Boyd and Harrison, letters from Harrison to Boyd, and a painting Clapton gave to Harrison after his split from Boyd.

The auction, called The Pattie Boyd Collection, will be held online from March 8 to 21. Viewing will be available at Christie’s in London from March 15 to 22.

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