“Eternal beauty”: 60-Year-Old Demi Moore Showed Off Her Slender Figure In a Black Mini Dress!

In November, Demi Moore turned 60, yet the actress still appears much younger. She recently updated her personal blog with fresh pictures. Demi flaunted her flawless physique while wearing a tiny black mini.

The actress’s petite frame was given beauty by her delicate makeup and straightened hair. The latest images of the singer simply pleased the fans.

For 13 years, Demi Moore was wed to Bruce Willis. Three girls are theirs. The actor remarried nine years after the divorce. He married Emme Heming as his new wife. Emma’s hubby is 23 years older than she is. The couple currently has two daughters.

Many people might find it strange that the ex-spouses still maintain cordial ties.

Bruce received an aphasia diagnosis in March of last year. It was later discovered that the actor suffered from frontotemporal dementia. Willis is taken care of and supported by his family. He is cared for by his five daughters, former wife, and present spouse.

It was recently revealed that Demi Moore has relocated into Willis’ home to assist Emma in caring for Bruce.

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