“Even Campbell Is Jealous Of Her”: Photo Of Kendall Jenner By The Pool Gained 7 Million Likes In a Day!

We have always been very selective about fashion shows

The half-sister of Kim Kardashian and model Kendall Jenner skillfully ascended the fashion industry’s Mount Olympus. Today, Kendall takes part in fashion shows for well-known designers, and more than 200 million Internet users follow her Instagram posts.

Kendall’s coworkers are not fans of the model. Jenner remarked: “I have never been one of those females that participates in every fashion show in one of her interviews. In the past, we have always been quite picky about fashion presentations.

Eminent models who were compelled to work 12-hour days to support their families were shocked by this comment.

Naomi Campbell, Natalia Vodianova, and others criticized Kendall’s remarks. Many Kendall supporters are certain that aging models are only envious of the beauty’s spectacular accomplishment.

Jenner recently posted a picture of herself unwinding by the pool, and it received 7 million likes in one day.

Views and preferences are self-explanatory. Do you like this new celebrity?

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