Everyone changes with time; this is how well-known celebrities looked in the 1990s and today

These are the images of well-known actors from both their early roles and the present. 

Now that we’ve shared some old pictures of well-known and successful movie actors from their early days in the business, let’s contrast them with how they seem today. It is important to remember that time affects everyone, including celebrities, and that no one is immune to aging over time. 

K. Reeves (34 years difference)

U. Thurman (in the 90s and now)

The left image was shot in 1970, while the right one was taken in 2020. Even after 50 years, Arnold Schwarzenegger is still an attractive man. 

Foster’s very first role

H. Phoenix was nominated for an Oscar in 1995 and again in 2021. 

C. Diaz in 1994 and 2020

D. Lundgren now and in 1985

Van Damme today and in 1991

B. Pitt in the 1990s and in the present

T. Cruise (40 years difference)

Depp now and in his first role

Jolie actually is the same attractive and feminine lady

L. DiCaprio (45 years difference in these photos)

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