“Everyone’s Mouths Remained Open”: Shakira appeared in a frilly white outfit at Paris Fashion Week!

Fans have speculated about the meaning behind her outfit

Shakira, a musician from Colombia, made a stunning entrance at a fashion show and garnered notice for her distinctive cloak. During French Fashion Week, she attended the Viktor & Rolf anniversary show.

The 46-year-old Shakira showed off a monochromatic ensemble with vivid accents. She wore mocha lipstick, sunglasses, and a neat, straight part in her hair.

The Grammy-winning performer wore a white coat from the company’s 2008 collection that was embellished with gold details and crystals. The outfit’s most distinctive element was a big, three-dimensional “NO” written across the breast.

Shakira completed her look with a purse and a pair of golden high-heeled sandals. She mockingly shook her head and said “no” when photographers tried to take pictures of her throughout the performance.

The significance of her dress has been the subject of fan speculation. Some think it could be connected to her 2005 single “No,” which was published. Others speculated that she could have done so in response to speculations linking her to Lewis Hamilton or Gerard Pique.

The outfit’s Dutch creators, however, previously claimed that it was a protest against the quick-paced nature of the fashion business.

As a result of the two of them being spotted together recently, there have been reports regarding Shakira and Lewis Hamilton starting a new romance. Gerard Pique, Shakira’s ex-boyfriend, is allegedly content with Clara Chia Marti, his current girlfriend, and has plans to pop the question to her.

Shakira and her children went to Miami following the end of her marriage to Pique. She places a high value on their welfare and works to protect them from public controversies.

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