Exploring George Clooney’s Beautiful Homes Around the World

George Clooney, a famous actor, director, screenwriter, and philanthropist, has invested wisely in real estate over his 40-year career. He recently made a generous donation to a flooded French town near one of his homes.

Clooney’s Family Life:

Clooney, known for avoiding paparazzi, bought his first property, a six-bedroom villa in Studio City, Los Angeles, in 1995 for less than $1 million. He showcased his LA home in a CBS interview in 2012, discussing his family, career, and interests. The three-story mansion features an outdoor pool, basketball court, cinema room, and gardens.

Clooney’s Love for Italian Culture:

In the early 2000s, Clooney fell in love with Lake Como, Italy, where he owns an 18th-century home purchased in 2001 for $13.5 million. The property, often visited by A-list friends, has an outdoor pool, tennis courts, gym, and garage for vintage bikes. Clooney also bought the adjacent Villa Margherita for privacy.

Cabo Retreat and Berkshire Home:

Clooney owned a luxury retreat in Cabo, Mexico, which he sold for $100 million in 2016. In 2014, he and his wife Amal purchased Aberlash House in Sonning-on-Thames, England, for $13.7 million. The historic estate on a private island underwent renovations, adding a pool room and screening room.

Possible New York Apartment:

There are speculations about the Clooneys owning a high-floor apartment in One Hundred East Fifty-Third Street, New York, completed in 2018. The building offers modern apartments with stunning city views and luxurious amenities.

French Countryside Estate:

In 2021, George and Amal acquired Domaine le Canadel in Provençe, France, for an undisclosed amount. The 18th-century property features a private woodland, olive grove, vineyard, and various amenities. The couple generously donated €20,000 to a nearby village after a devastating flood.


Clooney’s Impressive Real Estate Portfolio:

George Clooney’s real estate portfolio includes homes in Los Angeles, Lake Como, Berkshire, Cabo, New York, and Provençe. His properties reflect his evolving family life and his love for privacy, luxury, and philanthropy.

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