Exploring the Fresh Vibes of North Carolina’s Latest Tiny House Village

Welcome to Cranmore Meadows, the new tiny house community in Haw River, North Carolina! It’s on a 30-acre nature preserve, divided into three parts.

In the first part, there’s a guest house, shared kitchen, and outdoor dining area for community events. Owners Nathan and Callie have big plans, including turning it into a wedding venue, permaculture farm, wellness retreat, and hosting green building workshops.

In the second part, you’ll find Callie and Nathan’s DIY tiny home, and up the hill is the first phase of the tiny house village with seven rental lots. There’s also a green area for parking.

At the end of the property is a beautiful meadow surrounded by the Haw River on three sides. It’s a camping and glamping area with earthen buildings.

For now, in phase one, the monthly rent for a tiny house lot is $600, covering septic, water, address, road maintenance, communal spaces, and trash collection. In phase two, they want to use a sliding scale based on income.

Callie and Nathan, the community leaders, are not making a profit yet, but they’re exploring other ways to generate revenue while staying true to their values of community, sustainability, and education.

The residents love living there because it’s a supportive community that also respects individual freedoms. Cranmore Meadows operates with a leadership style they humorously call “benevolent dictators.” They make decisions for the community, but residents can suggest ideas during monthly meetings.

There are some rules like those you’d find in a homeowners association (HOA), and they had to agree on leash hours for dogs to accommodate everyone’s furry friends.

It’s a unique and welcoming community where people can enjoy a cooperative environment while having the freedom to express themselves.

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