“Facelift With Mesothreads Proved Effective”: 46-Year-Old Eva Mendes Shared Selfie Showing Off Her Perfect Skin!

46-year-old Eva Mendes stunned her Instagram followers in November with a photo shot during a mesothread facelift. Fans were appalled by her shot, which showed seven needles protruding from her face.

And the other day, Eva shared a selfie on social media that amply demonstrates the outcomes of a recent cosmetic procedure: the actress’s face is wrinkle-free.

The article was intended as a call to all parents, though. Mendes claims that she has recently given her undivided attention to children and is aware of how challenging it may be for parents to raise their children.

Mom mode is fully engaged. These days, youngsters have my full focus. Naturally, this is difficult, but now more than ever, they need me,” Eva said, adding a list of links that parents could find helpful at the conclusion.

On Instagram, Mendes has 2.4 million fans. They posted several encouraging remarks.

But, it is difficult to imagine that the diva is parenting her children around the clock when you see the diva’s young face.

By the way, they were photographed by paparazzi on a stroll towards the end of January. These are pictures of a famous family.

What do you think of the actress’s appearance? Do you believe the method was effective?

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