Facts about animals that surprise and broaden your horizons (photos)

There is a whole story behind every frame. Today’s selection of facts about animals will just replenish the treasury of knowledge about our smaller brothers and wild creatures of the world.

In Ethiopia, kidnappers stole a 12-year-old girl and wanted to ransom her. At some point, they met 3 wild lions. They drove the criminals away, and the girl was protected until the police found the baby.

Sometimes the bees get drunk. When, for example, they drink fermented fruit. In this case, other bees do not allow her to return to the hive. Only when it sobers up.

In 2007, a live whale with a harpoon in its neck was discovered in the ocean. When the weapon was examined, it turned out that it was made back in the 1800s. The whale sailed with him for over a century.

The lobster’s brain is in the throat, the nervous system is in the abdomen, the teeth are in the stomach, the kidneys are in the head, it hears with its feet and tastes with its feet.

It turns out that initially, the fish did not live in aquariums. Domestic goldfish in China once lived in ponds. But to show off the creatures to the guests, the Chinese planted them in the glass. From there, the Europeans took the tradition of putting fish in aquariums.

Ducks should not be fed bread. It contains no nutrients, but simply fills the stomach.

After filming “I Am Legend”, Will Smith really wanted to buy the dog from the owner. But the man refused because for the owner his shepherd dogs are like children.

When a lion is injured, the mane can go bald, therefore, if predators see a relative with very long and thick hair, they do not fight with them, because they think that they are stronger.

Spiders do not live in Antarctica.

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