Family drives 2,600 miles to adopt shelter husky with a crooked smile (video)

Harvey was born with a facial deformity that gives him a lopsided smile.

Some animals have birth defects or abnormalities that give them a somewhat distinctive appearance. Although these creatures are just as deserving of affection as everyone else, finding homes may be difficult for them because of their appearance.

But recently, a family who adored a dog with a crooked smile so much that they traveled almost 3,000 miles across the nation to adopt him. In Carlsbad, California, the San Diego Department of Animal Services was taking care of Harvey, a husky who was 1.5 years old.

Harvey was born with facial malformation, according to a social media post by humane officer Joy Ollinger. He seems unaffected by it, although it does give him a lopsided smile. Joy added, “I think it makes him even more endearing,” describing the husky’s disposition as “quiet and mellow.” On a leash, “He walks like a dream too!”

Although Harvey is content with himself and doesn’t seem to have any health concerns, it can occasionally be difficult for dogs with unusual appearances like him to find homes.

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However, one family quickly fell in love with Harvey and went above and beyond to adopt him. 

Joy’s article about Harvey reportedly made Seattle resident Sherry Lankston fall in love, according to CBS 8. Even though Harvey was 2,600 miles from her house, she thought the journey would be worthwhile. I had to meet him as soon as I saw that stupid grin. We haven’t been able to visit our friends and favorite spots in San Diego in a few years, so why not? The trip,” she said to CBS 8.

Sherry and her family went during a winter storm that devastated southern California, according to the source, and were aware that there was no assurance Harvey would still be available for adoption by the time they arrived in San Diego.

Thankfully, Harvey was still accessible when they finally arrived in San Diego after a lengthy journey from Seattle. We’re very pleased that Harvey was adopted! After this family drove so far to adopt Harvey, it’s clear that they love him a lot.

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