“Family of Four Converts School Bus into Chic Home”: Unveiling their Creative Living Journey

A Cozy Adventure on Wheels

A family with two little kids took on a big project: turning a school bus into a home. The bus is called Sanctuary or Frank and is designed with the kids in mind, having a cute bunk space and a spot for their car seats when the bus is moving. They also made sure to have storage for the kids’ toys.

The family’s journey into small living started in Sweden, where they built a tiny house from an old trailer. After selling that, they decided to convert a school bus into their next home on wheels.

The bus, named Sanctuary or Frank, is a 2001 Thomas Built MVP Safety Liner with a CAT engine. They bought it for $11,000 in Sweden and spent about the same amount on the rest of the conversion. The bus was already white, and the previous owner removed the windows, put in metal panels, and added new custom RV windows. The family kept it simple and painted the bus green with yellow accents.

The bus has four 200-watt solar panels on a steel frame that can be tilted for the best sun exposure. It’s off-grid, needing only propane and water refills. They also spent almost $3,000 on engine work to make sure it runs well.

Inside, there’s a control panel area where Ben, an architect, and Mia, a copywriter, can work on their computers using a portable power station. The solar setup was a bit tricky at first, but they figured it out.

The family wanted the front of the bus to be open so everyone could see out while driving. Inside, the design is inspired by a natural forest, with pink accents for some color.

The kids’ area has toys, cloth diapers, and books. Both kids are done with diapers, so they don’t have to do laundry every day in their tiny hand-powered washer.

The family keeps a minimalist approach to toys, getting rid of plastic items and things the kids didn’t like. They plan to rotate the toys to keep the kids interested.

Living in a small space needs careful planning and good design, especially with young kids. The family’s experience building a tiny house in Sweden helped them figure out how to make a small space work. They found converting the school bus more enjoyable, knowing the details of creating a functional and comfy tiny home.

Their story shows that tiny living with young kids is possible with careful planning and creativity. It can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, and their journey can inspire others thinking about a similar lifestyle. You can watch the full home tour in the video below!

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