Famous Actors and Actresses That Are Hardly Recognizable in Their Iconic Roles

These famous actors and actresses are hardly recognizable in their iconic roles.

Helena Bonham Carter – “Alice in Wonderland”

Before starting work on this film, Tim Burton already knew in advance what the characters would look like. Notably, Johnny Depp was one of the first actors confirmed for the film. Director Tim Burton’s former spouse, Helena Bonham Carter, took on the role of the negative character. To embody the character, the actress spent hours with makeup artists and hairstylists. They paid great attention to their work because everything about the Queen had to be perfect.

Hugh Grant – “Cloud Atlas”

In 2012, the movie “Cloud Atlas” premiered. The film’s exceptional ensemble cast and unusual plot caught the audience’s attention. The film’s essence lies in the idea that the soul is immortal, which is why the main character appears in completely different roles throughout the film. Hugh Grant, in turn, played several roles, and all of them were not very positive. In some scenes, it’s practically impossible to recognize the well-known actor.

Marion Cotillard – “La Vie en Rose”

Edith Piaf was a French singer whose songs still evoke various emotions. When it became known that a film about this famous figure was in the works, Marion Cotillard took the role very seriously. She studied the performer’s biography, watched necessary video recordings, and read a lot of text to understand Edith. The results were not long in coming. The film received predominantly positive reviews, and the actress herself won the coveted Oscar for her efforts.

Emma Thompson – “Nanny McPhee”

Emma Thompson is an actress who has been seen in many unusual roles. In addition to appearing on screen, she also writes screenplays for various projects. In 2005, “Nanny McPhee” was released and gained popularity among viewers. Emma not only acted in the film but also wrote the screenplay. Throughout the entire movie, fans watched as both the main characters and the nanny herself changed. With each kind deed, she became even more beautiful, and in the end, Nanny McPhee transformed into a true beauty.

Kate Winslet – “The Reader”

Michael Berg is a fifteen-year-old boy who experiences real agony due to stomach problems that make him nauseous. At that moment, a woman passes by who helps him. The main character’s mother persuades him to thank the stranger for her care, and he fulfills this request. Soon, feelings develop between the characters, and they begin to spend a lot of time together. Kate Winslet played the leading female role. At the beginning of the film, she appears as a well-groomed woman, and by the end, viewers see her aged. The makeup artists did an excellent job of transforming the actress beyond recognition.

Steve Carell – “Foxcatcher”

In 2014, the drama “Foxcatcher” was released, starring Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo, and Steve Carell. Except for the first actor, the others underwent significant transformations. Recognizing the star of “The Office,” everyone’s beloved and witty actor, is quite challenging. After the film’s premiere, many praised Carell’s abilities and commended him for his work. After that, the actor began to dedicate more time to the dramatic genre.

Gary Oldman – “Darkest Hour”

Winston Churchill, the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, was known for his speech and political life. Many talented actors have portrayed him on screen, and Gary Oldman was one of them. To embody the character, the actor approached the role with great care. However, he did not gain weight for the role. When Christian Bale watched the film and saw how his colleague had transformed, he wanted to know how he had managed to gain weight so quickly. Oldman did not hide anything and admitted that it was all about a regular costume, not a weight gain.

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