Famous actresses who shaved their heads for filming!

Actors’ jobs are by no means simple. Sometimes actors and actresses must make a compromise to get a more authentic portrayal in the movie.

A collection of images of actresses who shaved their hair for the movie’s filming are what we have brought for you today. To demonstrate that they actually achieved it without the use of overlays, cosmetics, or graphic design services, we will show you one frame from the movie together with images taken before and after the filming.

“V for Vendetta” star Natalie Portman (2006). 

For “Mad Max: Fury Road,” Charlize Theron (2015). 

For “G.I. Jane,” Demi Moore (1997). 

“Paradise” star Cate Blanchett (2002). 

For her part in “Les Misérables,” Anne Hathaway (2012). 

For “My Guardian Angel,” Cameron Diaz (2009). 

Kristen Stewart, whose hair was cropped for the “Underwater” film.

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