“Fans Are Delighted!”: Paparazzi Photographed 48-year-old Eva Longoria Without Makeup In a Swimsuit!

Eva shines on her own

Eva Longoria, the actress of “Desperate Housewives,” is 48 years old and yet looks fantastic. She is presently traveling in Spain with her husband Jose Baston and their little son Santiago Enrique, who is four years old.

She looks lovely in a fashionable V-shaped bikini even without any makeup. How nicely this style highlighted her toned physique astonished Daily Mail readers.

Many people complimented her on her natural beauty and style and couldn’t believe she was a mother.

Victoria Beckham, Eva’s BFF, frequently garners media attention, although Eva shines on her own. Fans are eager to see more from her now that she has lately found her ability as a director.

Some people even want “Desperate Housewives” to be continued so they may learn what happened to her character, Gabrielle Solis after she left Wisteria Lane.

Any comments?

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