“Fashion Oops”: Rihanna’s Stylish Stroll in New York Takes an Unexpected Turn

Despite that, one small thing really spoiled the whole outfit. 🧐🧐

Almost everyone knows the famous star, the charming Rihanna. The 35-year-old is one of the most stylish celebrities today. She always picks unique and beautiful outfits, and of course, her pictures were very interesting during pregnancy.

RiRi wants to show that anyone, in any situation, can be stylish by choosing the right outfit and looking gorgeous. She has certainly proven this until now. However, this time something went wrong.

Rihanna was seen in New York.

Paparazzi were immediately impressed by her image. She chose a very interesting outfit: dark jeans and a white bodysuit. But there was a stain on her dress.

Apart from this flaw, we can say that the outfit turned out to be quite stylish, and anyone can replicate it.

She wore a white bodysuit and wide jeans.

It was already clear that Rihanna likes to walk in fur coats, and it looks much more interesting.

But all fans immediately started discussing the stain, leaving the image aside. “We’re all ordinary people, and this could happen to anyone,” “Maybe it’s just an accident,” “Everything happens in life, and that’s normal.”

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