Father of many children made a touching video about how his wife deftly copes with the quadruplets (video)

The magnitude of their joy and gratitude is beyond description.

The Gardners had gone eight hard years without a child due to Ashley’s health difficulties. However, this was not the basis for divorce.

In contrast, as their love for one another developed, the pair decided to pursue their goal. When the physicians told the pair that Ashley probably wouldn’t be able to conceive on her own, the couple were unhappy.

So they decided on IVF. According to Ashley, “It hurts when you want to, but you can’t become a mother.” Gardiner later received word from the ultrasound that they would be having four kids.

The pair was beaming with joy. They are beyond words in their happiness and thanks.

After a while, two sets of identical twins were born. At first, young parents were distraught that they wouldn’t be able to rear four kids at once.

Based on the video, they carry it out brilliantly, though! Additionally, if you’re carrying many children at once, we suggest watching this video for inspiration.

If you accept their existence, going through the day with several kids is feasible.

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