Fearful puppy won’t leave his treasured dollar shop blanket behind

Flynn, the dog owned by Shauna Halstad, is a scaredy-cat.
The 110-pound Bernese mountain dog/Newfoundland mix hates their toothless cat and is scared of boxes and the dark. They make fun of him for being scared of his own shadow.

But he can overcome any obstacle with the aid of his cherished blanket.
For the past fifteen months, he has carried blankets everywhere.

When she originally took it home from the dollar shop, the owner had no idea he would grow so devoted to it.
It was intended for use on his paws. He nevertheless determined it was for snuggling.

She purchased additional blankets like that. He grabs it first thing in the morning and drags it all over, even the backyard. More substantial than a dish towel, perhaps.

It is more than just plain cloth to him. It gives him a sense of security.

He provides his family with a cozy blanket.

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