“Fighting Cancer”: Dolph Lundgren Reveals He Has Been Fighting Cancer for 8 Years

He suffered weight loss as a side effect

Actor Dolph Lundgren recently shared in an interview with Graham Bensinger that he had been fighting kidney cancer for the past 8 years. In 2015, doctors found a tumor in his kidney and Lundgren underwent regular scans to monitor the situation. Although he had surgery in 2020 to remove six tumors, doctors later discovered a large tumor in his liver that could not be removed. Lundgren underwent systemic therapy which led to weight loss as he experienced side effects.

When Lundgren arrived in London in the fall of 2021 to film The Expendables 4 and Aquaman, his doctor was not providing him or his family with any updates. Feeling uneasy, Lundgren tried to find a second opinion and his new physician was able to treat his kidney cancer by targeting a mutation that is commonly found in lung cancer. This treatment was instrumental in saving his life. Currently, Lundgren is having the remaining scar tissue from the tumors.

Despite his battle with cancer, Lundgren remains grateful for his life and the people who have helped him along the way. He has learned to appreciate life more and values the time he spends with loved ones. Lundgren believes that putting positive energy into the world has helped him in his fight against cancer.

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