Five sloth bears are saved from poachers by animal rights activists

On the Indo-Nepal border, animal rights activists from India were able to preserve five sloth bears. The bears would be sold to street trainers who would keep them engaged for the rest of their lives.

Poachers were able to save five sloth bears along the Indo-Nepal border. Animal rights activists nabbed them in time and alerted the police and the forestry department.

Poachers commonly target sloth bears, who are mostly sold to street trainers and kept in horrible circumstances for the rest of their lives. Despite the anguish, they are compelled to perform for the public’s enjoyment. In addition, several portions of the sloth bear’s body are employed in Chinese traditional medicine.

Our heroes are really fortunate. They were sent to the Wildlife SOS Rescue Center in India after being rescued from the hands of cruel humans. The bears are between the ages of two and 10, according to experts. Some of them had seriously damaged muzzles, and the animals were also quite dejected and timid. They have already been harmed and intimidated by the individual. The bears were finally safe.

After a brief period of recuperation, they were brought to the Indian reserve Agra, which houses the world’s largest sloth rehabilitation center. On their trip to the reserve, the bears traversed a distance of more than 1050 kilometers.

The bears are now living in the reserve’s vast cages and are slowly but steadily recuperating. They will not be put back into the wild, unfortunately, because wounded animals become highly vulnerable in the wild. They are always cared for, fed, taught to trust others, and taught what human love is.

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