For almost 8 years, the dog and dolphin have been pals. Take a look at their adorable images

We used to believe that a dog is a person’s closest friend, but it turns out that dogs get along with everyone, including aquatic species. A dolphin and a dog named Gunner become buddies in Florida. The dog’s owner, Marie Blanton, is astonished by their friendship. 

Don’t believe me? Check out their pictures. The dolphin is a resident of Florida’s Dolphin Research Center Seaside Sanctuary. There, Blanton works and frequently carries her pet. This is how Delta the dolphin and Gunner became friends. 

When Blenton brought Gunner to work for the first time, she expected him to bark and cause trouble, but something quite unexpected happened.

Blanton saw that Gunner appeared to be waiting for someone because he didn’t get out of the water. Delta approached him in the water and tried to play with him while carrying her water toys. 

Eight years have passed since then, and the connection between the two unlikely companions is only growing. Gunner and Delta have such a cute bond.

They occasionally kiss as a sign of friendship and devotion. 

The story of Gunner and his odd pal was tweeted by @ woollyback. More than 1.2 million people have liked and retweeted the message.

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