For the sake of saving the cubs, the mother bear came to people

In the wild, there is a simple law: the strongest survive! But sometimes even the most ferocious beast has to seek outside help.

So in the Kamchatka Territory, a bear named Bochka was forced to go out to people. The reason for this was the harsh reality of natural instincts, namely hunger. The fact is that when the cubs appear, the bear remains the only protector of the offspring – a hungry father bear is completely illegible in choosing a diet. In order to save the cubs from their relatives, Bochka decided to take extreme measures and went to the people. At first, local residents and tourists were afraid of the forced neighborhood but soon realized that the caring mother did not pose a danger.

A wild animal understands that none of the predators will want to mess with a person, and even the most severe animal will stay away from people, and therefore her cubs will be safe. Well, for tourists this is a unique chance to observe the life of bears in their natural environment.

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