“From $2,000 House Truck to Off-Grid Paradise”: Meet Brent and Greer’s Affordable Tiny House Dream in New Zealand

Meet Brent and Greer. They began with a $2,000 house truck and ended up creating a self-sufficient paradise, beating the rising costs of living.

They took a road trip looking for affordable rural land, eventually finding their dream spot by a river on New Zealand’s West Coast for under $100,000.

Living in their house truck, they’ve transformed the land over the years, planting orchards and gardens to achieve self-sufficiency. Their success led to the creation of a farm store benefiting their local community.

Brent and Greer show that with creativity and hard work, it’s still possible to achieve the dream of an off-grid, tiny house at a reasonable cost. Check out their incredible journey on Facebook.

Enjoy the video tour of their amazing house and land!

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