Funny optical illusion with a cat has gained popularity

We’ve known for a long time that cats are “liquid”. They somehow strangely fit into vases, small boxes, and crawl into strange places. This cat named Marvin has confused the netizens – he took the cat’s flexibility to a new level!

Recently, the owners shared a photo of their cat named Marvin on the forum. It would seem that Marvin is an ordinary cat who lives happily with his owners, but recently he received a minute of fame on the Internet. The fact is that in the photo with him a strange and funny optical illusion happened.

In this photo (below), the owner is holding Marvin, but it looks like she has put her hand right through him. “My brain is broken!”, “How is it?”, “Is this photoshop?”, “This photo is brilliant. Many people think that it was taken in the editor, but it’s not,” users wrote under the picture.

The owners kept the intrigue at first, but then they explained everything with one drawing. It turns out that the owner simply held Marvin in this way. The cat also lowered its right paw down, covering the mistress’s hand – and this is how an optical illusion turned out.

The owners later posted some “normal” photos of Marvin to reassure everyone that he was safe and sound from such tricks. That’s how easy the cat gained popularity on the net!

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