“Girl With a Rabbit Teeth And a Unibrow”: Fox Is Unrecognizable In Teenage Photos!

I can have any man at the snap of a finger.

With good reason, Megan Fox is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most seductive actresses. The exquisite beauty has an infinite number of admirers nowadays.

And how did the seductress appear in her adolescent years? In old photographs, Megan’s admirers did not identify the celebrity beauty.

Fox is shown in vintage images as having a unibrow and sharp fangs. She has improved in beauty and attractiveness over time. Fox’s admirers think of him as an impolite duckling who evolved into a lovely swan.

Megan is certain that “I can have any man at the touch of a finger.”

But it wasn’t always like that. It turns out that the actress’s nickname as a youngster was “ugly duckling.”

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