“Give me the worst, most unnecessary dog!” According to a 5-year-old girl. The baby chose a friend with her heart

Friendship cannot be bought with money, and this is true!

Elina Dilenko, the mother of a 5-year-old child, intended to adopt a pet from a shelter. Then she asked her daughter how they would choose him. “I don’t care how this dog looks, how old she is, or what gender she is,” the young girl declared. I picked the poorest child who had been at the orphanage the longest!”

Such a wise response moved Elina deeply. However, it is true that it is easier for young and very small animals to find homes at a shelter. But huge is not so easy.

And thus it came to pass. Elina and her daughter adopted a huge aggressive man who had been residing in a shelter for more than three years; no one had adopted him since he was thought “difficult.”

“Probably, in the spirit of this enormous gentleman, hopelessness had already settled and lived a complete life to find the owner again,” the woman adds. I can’t tell you how grateful this red-headed monster has been to my child over the last five years! We now have our very own red-haired monster that is gentle, obedient, and loves kissing and hugging!”

An angry and vicious dog has been changed into a devoted comrade and loyal companion.

I’d want to emphasize that the girl made the right choice because the heart never fails in such situations…

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