“Give odds to mom!” Catherine Zeta-Jones showed 19-year-old daughter in a swimsuit

Fans enjoy the images that Catherine Zeta-Jones frequently posts on Instagram. It’s hard to disagree with the assertion that the 51-year-old actress looks wonderful given that she can still afford to pose in a bikini.

With her genes, it is not a surprise that the diva gave birth to a gorgeous daughter. Katherine gave birth to two children and wed Michael Douglas, who was 76 at the time. Dylan, their son, is now 20 years old, and Carys, their daughter, just turned 18 years old. The actress shared pictures with the heiress for the first time in a long time in honor of her birthday. Young Katherine and her daughter are shown in an embrace in the earliest archive photo. The second photo, though, is riskier and appears to have been taken only lately. Caris posing in a bikini on the beach showed maturity. The girl’s curvy shape was highlighted by the plunging neckline.

Subscribers saw that the actress’s daughter has developed into a young woman and is beginning to resemble a famous mother.

Zeta-Jones sent a heartfelt congrats in the picture’s description. The actress expressed her pride in her daughter by listing all of her greatest traits.

Carys Zeta-Douglas truly has a lot to be proud of for her parents.

The young girl has already begun her modeling career; she has been on the covers of glitzy publications and posed beside her mother on social occasions.

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