“Gloria’s Cozy Dream”: A 72-Year-Old’s Affordable and Charming Tiny Home with a Spacious Sunroom

Gloria, who is 72 years old and on a fixed income, built herself a fantastic tiny home with a large sunroom. It all started when she saw a video about tiny houses online and got inspired to dream about having one.

Her old house was too big for her and her two pets, so she decided to make her dream come true. Now she lives in a beautiful tiny home in a village in Tennessee that cost $85,000, just a quarter of her old house’s size.

Gloria named her tiny home “Tiny Taj” and designed it herself to fit her daily needs. She has a lovely garden, a dog pen, and a patio for barbecuing. When it’s sunny, she can pull down big shades for shade.

Inside, Tiny Taj is cozy and organized. Gloria has a spacious bed area with a queen-sized bed and a fireplace. She cleverly uses space with pull-out spice racks and drawers under her bed for canned goods.

Her kitchen is well-planned, with pots, pans, and knives hanging on the wall. It has everything she needs, including a coffee bar, a big sink, induction and gas cooktops, a dishwasher, and a water filter.

Gloria has a bathroom with all the necessary items, a closet with neatly hung clothes, and cubicles for folded clothes. The bathroom includes a 4×6 foot walk-in shower, a full-size washer dryer, and an inflatable soaking tub with a hidden tankless water heater.

The most exciting part of her tiny house is the spacious sunroom she built separately. It has unique furniture, a mannequin-like Christmas tree decorated for different occasions, a shoe rack, and a comfy couch for her dogs.

The sunroom is Gloria’s favorite place, where she spends time with friends from morning coffee to cocktail hour. She loves that even in a tiny space, she can enjoy the things she loves.

Gloria believes that going tiny is about affordability and enjoying a community-oriented lifestyle, especially in her retirement years.

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