God’s gift: a woman became a mother of twins at 57. How does the family look now, when they are 16?

This story happened in America, in 2004. Aleta became famous throughout the country: unexpectedly for herself, she became the mother of charming, healthy twins. Nothing like this has ever happened in the history of the country. The very fact that someone managed to be pregnant is amazing, but to inform, and even safely give birth to twins, is an incredible story.

Now those kids are already 16, mom is 73. How does she manage to cope with two teenagers?

It’s not about age

In old age, few people would be able to give birth to a child, and few would want to. This age is a big risk, and the consequences can be the most terrible. Only recently, with the development of medicine, women increasingly decide to break the established way of life and decide on pregnancy after the age of 40.

Aleta has put off having a baby all her life. The right moment did not come, all the time something interfered. Either she was engaged in a career, then she went into show business. Self-development, spiritual growth – life was rich and vibrant but flew by quickly.

One day Aleta woke up: she was already over 50. She realized that she really wanted a child, and it was very scary that she was late.

But the woman decided to take a chance. She did not feel old age, or the burden of disease, and was sure that everything would work out. Relatives were shocked, dissuaded her, and found different arguments.

But what are these persuasions when a woman decided to become a mother?


Naturally, pregnancy did not occur, although Aleta tried for several years in a row. She decided to turn to specialists – and did not lose. The first IVF worked, and the long-awaited pregnancy came. Over time, it turned out: that there will be twins, and even of different sexes.

After 16 years

Aleta still leads an active lifestyle, enjoys life, and is interested in new products. At 72 years old, she looks fantastic. At the same time, the upbringing of children does not suffer: she does an excellent job.

Judging by the photo, the children are also quite satisfied with life, in all the photographs they are smiling, and their eyes are shining. You can not worry about the children, as well as for Aleta herself. She does not aspire to become a pensioner, she is engaged in spiritual practices, and manages to work. Therefore, she looks younger than her years: light and well-groomed.

And it’s easy to make the children proud of their mother and not consider her too old. You just need to follow the fashion and always look smart.

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