“Got Old, Gained Weight And Completely Lost His Shape”: Paparazzi For The First Time In a Long Time Captured Jack Nicholson Suffering From Dementia!

It’s sad to see how someone so talented has changed.

Famous actor Jack Nicholson seldom appears in public and hasn’t been in a movie for a time. He is 85 years old and suffers from dementia, a disorder that impairs memory and thought.

He lives in a large house and is taken care of by his son and daughter, but he seldom leaves the house. Photographers wait outside his home to shoot shots even though he stays at home.

Recently, Jack Nicholson was captured in a rare snapshot for the first time in 18 months. He was watching the street and listening to birds from his balcony. He had long hair, and a beard, and was dressed in an old T-shirt.

He appeared untidy. Physically, according to Jack Nicholson’s family, he is OK, but his illness has altered how he thinks. Despite the fact that his children are close by, he spends his days alone.

Online commenters expressed sadness at seeing how someone so skilled had changed.

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