Grandma’s only requirement in her final hours is a cat to call a friend

The elderly woman in this tale, who opted to stay with her obese cat rather than her grandchildren, valued her final hours more than ever. 

The photographer’s photographs perfectly capture the elderly woman’s lonely daily life. Because of a constant friend in the form of a cute, huge cat, her lonely life has taken on more color. 

In the images, there were just elderly people with two braids who were out and about with their animals in a peaceful street. 

People don’t feel lonely because there is always a cat nearby to keep them company. 

The elderly woman clothed and took care of the obese cat as she would a baby, pushing her around in a pram. She could always find the cat wherever she went. She stroked the cat that was curled up next to her as she sat in the living room and watched television or spoke with her friends. 

Numerous images show how frequently the elderly woman descends to stroke her cat’s head. The lady’s devoted cat has always been by her side. No matter how many years have passed or how many people have moved on, only she always remains. 

Many online users expressed hope that when they are old, they will be able to live a simple, carefree life like the Korean grandma after the photographer posted daily images of the elderly woman and her cat on social media.

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