“Grown up!”: how the most beautiful girl in the world looks like today

Already in early childhood, it was clear that the Muscovite Christina Pimenova was very beautiful. At first, relatives, friends, and acquaintances began to talk about this to her parents.

Mother and father turned to agencies that promote small models. For the first time, Christina appeared on the podium at the age of four. She became the youngest model in the world. To this day, no one has been able to break this record.

Pimenova’s mother is a model herself in the past. The woman said that her daughter attends a comprehensive school. Then she goes to rhythmic gymnastics classes. It takes four hours a day.

Filming takes place twice a month. Christina shows clothes of famous brands two or three times a year.

At the age of 9, well-known foreign publications began to worry about the fate of the model. They wrote that the child would be left without a childhood due to the fact that she had to work.

Some said that the child had a far from childish look. Her blue eyes look like an adult.

They do not have childish naivete and simplicity. To this, Christina’s mother replied that her daughter was not like children abroad. She knows how to behave both in society and in front of the camera.

When the photo of Pimenova appeared in a Russian magazine, the girl was immediately invited to a photoshoot in foreign print media.

At the age of ten years, the name Christina has already become known throughout the world. One American modeling agency signed a contract with her. The whole family moved to the USA. Pimenova was able to get a work visa, which is given to all gifted people of art.

Not so long ago, the most beautiful girl in the world celebrated her 15th birthday. Christina’s beauty captivates all her followers on Instagram. And Pimenova has almost three million of them.

Everything shows what the girl likes in America. She answers subscribers only in English, which she already speaks fluently.

The beauty of a supermodel is natural, she does not need to look better with the help of a makeup artist. Therefore, the girl often shows what she looks like without makeup.

Christina loves to work with her numerous followers with her bikini photos. Recently, she showed her photo from a holiday in the Maldives, which simply delighted fans.

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